Our SO CHIC ! rosé wine is made with 100% Cannonau grapes from Capo Ferrato. Cannonau is an extraordinary grape variety that fears nothing! Neither the very hot sun that we know here, at the south-eastern tip of Sardinia (300 days of sunshine a year), nor the harshness of the mountains, nor the powerful winds from the coast, such as the mistral, the sirocco , the libeccio, the ponante, the levante…
The Cannonau resists everything. So much so that, little by little, it has been considered as the “Sardinian wine” by excellence that represents Sardinia with a highly respected DOC.
Recent discoveries of ancient Cannonau grape seeds in various archaeological sites in Sardinia have rewritten the history of the origin of the vine in Italy and the Mediterranean. Excavations carried out in Borore on the nuragic site of the ‘Duos Nuraghes’ have made it possible to find vine seeds dating from 1300 BC, therefore more than 3200 years old!
The pips were charred and fossilized, but still in good condition. They were analyzed by oenological laboratories and the final result is clear, this grape was from Cannonau.
At that time, the ancient inhabitants of the island, crisscrossing the entire Mediterranean, would have contributed to spreading the Cannonau in Spain, where it took the name of Garnacha and, finally, in France where it is called Grenache.
We can therefore say without being mistaken that the first producers of red wine in the Mediterranean were the Sardinians!

So Chic ! is a 100% Cannonau rosé from Capo Ferrato, DOC. (Grapes from the territories of Castiadas, Muravera, San Vito, Villaputzu and Villasimius)

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