Our SO CHIC ! rosé wine can be tasted in different ways, the most classic is certainly to taste it very cold (8-10 degrees) as an aperitif and throughout lunch or dinner. You will see that it is no longer necessary to choose an aperitif then a white wine and a red wine to accompany the different dishes. As our rosé wine is made around the Cannonau di Capo Ferrato, DOC grape variety, it has a depth of taste and a diversity of flavors that will enchant you.
But there is yet another way to discover the flavors of So Chic! With ice cubes in your glass, this is called “Piscine Mode”. This way of drinking rosé wine was born a few years ago in Provence, in Saint-Tropez more precisely. The initiative comes from the big brands of Champagne. In a short time, it became a global phenomenon.
So, when you taste our So Chic! rosé wine “on the rocks” as an aperitif, you will discover that it is a marvel of freshness, an excellent alternative to your traditional aperitif…

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