Our So Chic! rosé wine was born and raised in a region of Sardinia that has a long, unique and fascinating history. The homeland of So Chic! is located at the southeastern tip of the island, a few steps from the sea, surrounded by hills, in ideal conditions of heat and winds to develop the grapes in harmony. The past of this territory is very old, the region was already frequented in the pre-Nuragic era. Some settlements in Punic, Roman and Phoenician times have also been reported. Unfortunately, this part of the island was totally abandoned and uninhabited at the end of the 16th century due to frequent epidemics of malaria and plague. For more than 400 years no one could survive here.
In 1875, the Italian government decided to establish in Castiadas an Agricultural Penal Colony where thousands of prisoners went for almost 80 years, until 1952, to reconquer this hostile territory and transform it into a paradise for agriculture, for breeding and… especially for the Cannonau vineyard!
In Castiadas, the largest agricultural penal colony in Italy was thus created. A social project which had a double objective: the reconquest of an unhealthy area infested by swamps and malaria and at the same time allowing the social rehabilitation of people who had committed crimes. Through work within the penal colony, a social re-education of delinquents and their reintegration into society could be envisaged. Over time, a network of infrastructure and roads was built and many eucalyptus trees (trees whose deep roots absorb large amounts of water) were planted to drain the swampy soils. Gradually, legumes and cereals, mulberry, olive, orange, almond and lemon trees were planted, herds of cattle, sheep and pigs were bred. And, of course, vines!
Today, this area, endowed with a high quality terroir, has become an authentic wine-growing paradise, especially for the Cannonau di Capo Ferrato (DOC) with which we make our wonderful So Chic rosé wine!

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